The word of the day [08|08|2017] is IMMENSE 



  • extremely large or great, especially in size or degree: transcending ordinary means of measurement. 
  • supremely good. 


  • Huge • Vast • Massive • Enormous 
  • Gigantic • Colossal • Great • Cosmic 
  • Monumental • Towering • Mega 
  • Humongous • Astronomical
  • Ginormous • Brobdingnagian


  • Tiny 


      1. The cost of restoration has been immense and the whole family tried to contribute to its sustainment.
      2. It took the church two years to comprehend the “almost too immense” scale of construction.
      3. An immense brick church. 

      Immense became part of late Middle English via French with Latin origin. 

      Immense originated from Latin immensus, meaning immeasurable, and immense was formed from the combination of two Latin word, in-(un-), meaning not and mensus, meaning measured

      Immensus can be traced to the past participle of Latin metiri, meaning to measure. Immense is often used as a synonym for Huge, Colossal, Humongous or merely Enormous, which all means really really big

      It is also used to describe something that is so great in size or degree that’s it transcends ordinary means of measurement. 

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