The word of the day [09|08|2017] is GARBLE



  • to produce a message, sound or a transmission in a confused and distorted way.
  • to alter or distort as to create a wrong impression or change the meaning. 
  • to sift impurities from. 


  • Muddle • Jumble • Confuse • Obscure 
  • Misstate • Misquote • Misreport 
  • Scramble • Misrepresent 


  1. The connection was awful and kept gambling his voice. 
  2. The message was garbled in transmission.
  3. Some calls are gatbled, making it difficult for dispatchers to understand the caller. 


Garble became part of English language through Arabic, and the word has a Latin origin. 

It was formed from Italian garbellare which inturn originated from Arabic ģharbala

Arabic ģharbala came from Latin cribellare meaning to sieve, and cribellare in turn derives from the ancestor of the word, Latin cribrum, meaning sieve

When the word first entered Middle English as garbelen, its meaning stayed close to the original: it meant to sort out the best. And early Modern English garble came to mean to distort the sound or meaning of. 

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