….. by Anonymous

The singular problem of the black man is that we easily idolize any and everything.

Once something appears complicated, we see it as the hand of God or god. We establish ourselves in mediocrity and ignorance by dismissing every bad thing that happens as the will of God or the gods.

At a time, sickle cell anaemia wiped African children out without mercy and all we could say was that the mothers of these children were Ogbanje; we banished them to the so-called evil forest. This was our practice until the white man came to our rescue. In the same vein, Malaria, Typhoid Fever and several ailments decimated our forefathers until the white man brought us antimalarials and antibiotics.

Some time ago, South Korea experienced, for a season, series of plane crashes. They did not conclude that some god or demon was responsible and neither did they go into praying and fasting, rather they invited consultants from the US who spent several months studying and observing the South Korean aviation industry. They discovered that any plane flown by a much older pilot and a younger pilot as co-pilot was more likely to crash. They discovered that because of the enormous respect for elders in the South Korean culture, that the younger pilots, even when they had something to say, kept mute to the detriment of everyone on the plane. Since that time, plane crashes became history as they dealt with that issue once and for all.

I have been seeing the series – Genius, the story of Albert Einstein and once again, we see the difference between the white man and the black man. Albert Einstein stretched the boundaries of science with what he called ‘thought experiments’.

Albert used his imagination to come to conclusions that staggered and still stagger the mind. It was in his mind that he proved the existence of molecules, established the particle nature of light, came up with the special and general theories of relativity and so on. Unfortunately, the black man rarely engages his mind in deep thoughts.

We like religious activities. We like the goosebumps that songs give us and the endless prayers to kill our perceived enemies. Albert questioned everything, stretching Newtonian Mechanics. This attitude is behind the innovations and inventions in the western world – endless curiosity.

Yes, very few black people are beginning to break out of this mould of  superstition and idolatory, but generally the black race is still steeped in it. Until the black man comes to the realisation that the heavens and the heavens alone belong to God and that He, God, has given the earth to the sons of men, we will remain slaves though we are heirs.